Funds Raised

Dear friends,

The people of Artsakh desperately need us and you can easily help save precious lives!

On the morning of September 27th, war was unleashed on the peaceful population of Artsakh. Aided by Turkish drones and Syrian mercenaries, the brunt of the violence is falling on its 150,000 civilians.

Today, you can alleviate the horrendous ravages of that war with something that’s been sitting in the back of your closet!

Currently, 90,000 people, or a full 60% of Artsakh’s indigenous population, have taken refuge in neighbouring Armenia and are fighting the twin specters of annihilation and COVID-19.

Their plight has never been more pressing, and it is our duty to respond!

Luckily, there’s a simple way to help by donating jewellery you no longer have any use for! Your donated gold will be transformed to Artsakh Gold by trusted jewellers around the world. All proceeds will then be given to Himnatram to support the civilian population of Artsakh in their struggle for medicine, shelter, clothing and food, as well as provide the moral support they need to continue their inalienable right to live free on their ancestral land.

Those earrings you forgot about years ago, or that necklace you never wear can be the saving grace off an Armenian family. Please act now!

How it works

5 Step Process


Data Entry to the AG Portal

Collection at the Artsakh Gold Depots

Refining the Gold and Valuation

Hayastan All Armenian Fund

2 Ways to Donate

Direct Donation

We ask our donors to visit our website artsakh.gold and provide details of gold to be donated as well as location information. After filling the form, the website will provide detailed instructions on how to forward the donations to a designated Artsakh Gold depot.

Donation Through Trusted Jewellers

Examples to trusted jewellers are;

• Artsakh Gold ambassador

• Artsakh Gold listed jewellers

• Donors’ own trusted jeweller

These jewellers have the option to buy the donated gold at a value not less than 90% of market price of gold and at a premium over the price of gold, depending on the re- sellability of the jewellery item.

Transaction Mechanisms

Donors have the choice to ship their package to their country/region’s designated manufacturers/depos. Bring the jewellery in person to a regional designated jeweller for consultations and drop-off. Consult a listed local jeweller of their choosing to process the transaction. Or have any jeweller they trust Armenian or non- Armenian to process the gifting.

All donors must first register on the AJF AuRA portal to provide information for tax receipts by Himnatram. The system will generate a “UPC code” for tracing shipments. The manufacturers, also known as the Artsakh Gold Depot will only accept packages that have this tracing system for optimal security.

The manufacturer or the jeweller will inspect the donated item and provide a detailed description of the donated item/s. I.e. Gram weight, Gold Karat, a photo.

Manufacturer/depo or jeweller will enter donation valuation details on the AJF AuRA portal which will generate product receipt confirmations.

Manufacturers/depos will ship collected gold to refiners. On regular basis, the refined gold will be sold at the market price and the hard currency equivalent will be transferred to the local Hayastan Fund. A tax receipt will be provided to the donor.

The AG Portal

A secure, centrally hosted software developed by PUBLIQ licensed to AJF.

All registrations and gold handling transactions will be managed by this central software including:

Identity and
Ownership Proof

The donor will file pertinent information on the AG Portal including identity and lawful ownership proof of the jewellery.

Automated Shipping and Package Tracking Information

The AG portal will locate the donator and provide information about the closest Depot for the jewellery to be shipped, followed by options for shipment methods and a tracking code. The donations must be shipped with the system generated reference number provided by AG on the package.

Provision of
Tax Receipts

Upon receipt, the Depot will confirm the details of the received items, such as weight and karat. A receipt will be generated by Himnatram upon receipt of the proceeds of the donated gold .

Moral and Psychological Impact

Armenians take pride in being a “Nation of Jewellers” this initiative will reinforce that reality and perception.

Armenians in Armenia and Artsakh need Diaspora’s financial support and need the moral support as much. The impact of such an initiative by the Diaspora will immensely contribute to the moral of those defending the fatherland.

Armenians are to jewellery what the Swiss are for watches and proud of our time eternal contribution to the world Jewellery heritage. This initiative will reinforce that reality and perception.

At the 1st anniversary of the campaign, top performing jewellers will be duly recognized for their assistance and contribution for raising funds for Artsakh Gold!